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8753E CPU board, UNLK LED

Question asked by piotrekp90 on Mar 17, 2019
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I have replaced CPU board in my 8753E, I have also moved the U408 chip from old board to new (is it contain calibration parametres?). Now when I start the analzyer there is no errors/fails but I have recognized that led UNLK is blinking while sweep the frequency but there is no error on the display. When I have changed sweep time to 20s  you can see that LED is light at start of sweep and approxymately at 800MHz. When I set sweep from 30kHz to 300 kHz the UNLK LED is on all the time but there is error message on the analzyzer screen.

On the video the sweep frequency is from 30kHz to 3GHz and sweep time after change is 20s.

Is this a normal behaviour of 8753E that UNLK LED is blinking ?