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PNA-X N5242B - Windows 10 - can't install any programs

Question asked by mirek on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by mirek

I have an issue with installing any program on the newly upgraded PNA-X N5242B  with Windows 10 (upgrade from N5242A and Windows 7).

For what ever reason when I click on any installation file I see spinning circle for couple second and nothing happen after that. No error , no warnings. I try to run the installs as administrator and still nothing. 

There is windows defender on the system reinstalled, I disable the auto scan. No difference. 

We have couple own application and non of them I can install. 

I  try some freeware like Foxit and libreOffice. Same results.

I have other units of  PNA-X including N5247B with Windows 10, and there is no issue with installing any application.


Does any body have any idea how to solve that?