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E8357A Hard Drive backup

Question asked by tomhajjar on Mar 15, 2019

Acquired a E8357A with 266MHz CPU, 10GB HD and 128K RAM running Win 2000. It seems to have all the latest FW and SW updates. I ordered a Micron MT16LSDF3264HG-10EG4 512K RAM for upgrade. I assume this will be compatible. 


What is the preferred method to "clone" the HD as a backup? As a test, I used an old Win 2000 PC and via Acronis cloned it's 5.25" 40GB  HD to a spare 2.5" 40GB HD connected to the 2nd IDE channel. I confirmed that 2.5" 40GB HD would boot the PC. I plan on putting Acronis on the E8357A. 


What method is recommended to accomplish my goals? I have a USB to IDE adapter for the 2.5" 40GB HD to connect to the E8357A. I could not find any IDE cable to connect a 2nd drive to the E8357A.