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Acquire multiple channels on a DSO-X Scope in Matlab

Question asked by Ion_C on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by pat_white

Dear all,


I am trying to acquire the data from all channels from a DSOX scope using Matlab. I have found a script that can help with this on the Mathworks file exchange site: 


The script works fine for CH1. Now the problem is I have managed to modify the script so that the Scope displays all the channels on the screen, but it does not acquire the data from all channels.

When I run the DIGITIZE and WAV:DATA commands I am getting ONLY the data for CH1.  I have tried to call the lines for CH1 modified multiple times for the other channels, but still no success. 


I have also downloaded the programming manual, but I could not find any more information on this. 


Does anyone has any idea how to achieve this?


Kind regards,