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PNA E8364B source power CAL via GPIB

Question asked by nickmmw on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2007 by LOlson

I am not able to perform a source power cal via GPIB. I have gone over the source-power-cal SCPI program examples several times from the on-line help. And I have the latest firmware installed on my PNA. I suspect the problem I am running into is related to this statement from the online help:

'Note: This command (SOUR:POW:CORR:COLL ASEN) used to step the PNA and read a power meter, cannot be sent over the GPIB unless the power meter is connected to a different GPIB interface.  Use one of the following methods to perform this command or its equivalent:'

My computer is connected to my PNA via USB-GPIB, and my PNA is connected to my power meter via GPIB-to-GPIB cable. When configured like this, I am able to successfully launch source-power-cals from the front-panel of the PNA. However, I am not able to launch it via the SCPI  command: SOUR1:POW:CORR:COLL ASEN. This command causes the source-power-cal menu to appear on the PNA screen, however, the source-power-cal never begins. The only way to exit is to hit the 'x' in the source-power-cal-window to close it - and this causes the PNA to crash.

Is my configuration correct? Do I have to have my power meter connected to a 'different' GPIB interface? If so, how do I set this up. I've been experimenting with different configurations - with no luck. Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.