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N2796A compensation problem ?

Question asked by deninnh on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by deninnh

I just acquired an N2796A from the used market, in like new condition.  It passes calibration (DSOX 3000T) and 1-2GHz response looks good on another scope (54846A).  The attached image however (magenta) shows a significant compensation problem (other scope shows the same).  The signal in this case is a 65kHz square wave.  The yellow trace is a different probe on same waveform.


Is there any hope for adjustment of this response?  Do these later model probes have any response / correction data stored in them so that only a re-programming might fix it?


The 54846A identifies the probe but gets the attenuation wrong so I had to set that manually.  The probe then behaved well (except for this compensation problem) at dc and high frequency.