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汽车雷达系统设计与仿真高级进阶系列-2: 非线性FMCW信号生成及其影响 Non-linear FMCW Signal Generation and Its Impact on Automotive Radar System Performance

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Feb 28, 2019


ØTo generate linear and non-linear FMCW signal

ØTo analyze and compare the detected results of the target range, velocity and angle under linear and non-linear FMCW signal



  • SystemVue Automotive Radar can generate non-linear FMCW chirp for system performance analysis.
  • Experiments show the non-linear FMCW significantly affects the AOA detection, as well as range detection. The most significant impact on AOA, less impact on velocity detection.
  • Some DSP approaches could decrease the non-linear impact, for example, remove (chop) the serious non-linear part of the frequency-up/down time area, use the part with better linearity.