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Range settings for current measurements on SMU N6950A

Question asked by guschdl on Feb 26, 2019

Hello everybody,

I'm currently using the SMU N6950A with Option 301 for a higher accuracy for current sensing. As mentioned in the manual the option 301 offers an additional low-current range up to 11A (high current-range is 225A).

To specify the range for sensing I use the command "SENS:CURR:RANG <value>".

However, after sending the request "SENS:CURR:RANG?" the SMU returns a range of 102A.

Sourcing is active with 20A over the entire process.


The SMU does not seem to care about any of my range settings. Am I using the wrong command or is the range just locked to 102A when sourcing is active??

I'm thankful for any advice about setting the current-sensing range correctly or at least an explanation what the smu is doing.