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VNA with frequency translation options (080, 082, 084)

Question asked by KenInMtl on Feb 25, 2019
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We are using a few VNAs with options 080 and 082 to make measurements of high power Block Upconverters (BUCs), and at the moment we are considering whether to update another analyzer for similar SMC type measurements.


A question came up whether option 084 would be more suitable.  While the BUCs do have embedded LOs, the description of the option appears to just offer the capability of group delay measurement with a simplified setup.  Our typical application is simply to measure frequency translated gain.  Does option 084 offer any other functionality to assist that?


Another question regarding options 080 and 082.  Many, many years ago, when these options were evaluated on N5230s, there appeared to be little support to calibrate out any adapters attached to the BUCs.  For example, it is typical to use a coupler at the output of 40 dB or more to interface with the analyzer.  Attempts to calibrate it out, or to de-embed the coupler typically resulted in a noisy measurement.  We got around this by using adapters with very flat responses.  Have we missed something here, or perhaps the modern versions of options 080 and 082 on more recent VNAs have better support for this kind of application?