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Question on RMB to VEE/VB

Question asked by meisiang on Nov 22, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by daras

I'm doing a project to convert RMB code to VEE/VB for certain test station. I'm not familiar with RMB but I suppose it will be a line to line conversion project. For remote communication, I'm using direct I/O to pass in SCPI command. However, while converting, i find some command used in RMB is not supportable by VEE. I really need some advice on this issue.

My Problem:
From RMB code, i see alot of 'USING' command. From RMB help file, I understand that the purpose of this command is for formatting data before pump in command or output data from instrument. However, in VEE or Agilent interactive I/O, what are the correct syntax to operate same as 'USING' in RMB? For example:

OUTPUT @Sna USING "2A,B";"@1",2

Thanks in advance.