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"Lister" function for serial/LIN/CAN decoding in DSOX1102A.

Question asked by TechEngineer on Feb 16, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by algoss

Hi, I have both an MSOX2004A with the serial/LIN/CAN decoder as well as the DSXO1102A with said license installed.


In the 2000 series, when you enable the serial decoder, there's a "Lister" button that enables a scrolling list of the data that is decoded; panning through the timeline with the navigation wheel scrolls up and down this list and the list updates in realtime as the data changes.


Sadly, I expected this function to be present in the 1000 series as well, but it isn't, and there's no documentation saying it isn't available/present in the 1000 series decoder.


And here's the problem: I have triggering set to for example, CAN, on a specific ID. I need to see when a specific byte on the specific message changes (over tenths of other messages).


If I zoom in enough to be able to see all 8 bytes of the message on the bottom of the display with the scope in Run mode, the triggering on the message fails and I literally can't see anything.


Zoom out enough and the triggering starts normally but now the placeholders for the bytes on bottom of the display overwrite the byte values and I can't see any of the byte values, rendering the decoding almost useless.


The Lister function solves this problem, so it's quite necessary.