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Current measurements using current probe and external DMM

Question asked by stefek on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by ChrisSight


I am using N5242A with A.09.90 firmware. I would like to perform current measurements in pulsed mode using N2782B current probe with 34465A multimeter. I am trying to add external DC Meter according to: Configure a DC Device.

In the "Enable I/O" box I set the following commands:


trig:count 201 (number of points);

trig:sour ext;

trig:slop pos;

trig:del 0;

samp:count 1;


Which means, DMM uses external triggering, and captures 1 sample per trigger.

In the "Before Sweep" box: I set the following comand:


in the "After sweep" box:



However, the DMM returns errors. How to perform this measurement?

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