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Unleveled Source - repair required?

Question asked by codep on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by codep

My PNA 5321A has had an error splashed across the display for a few months - "Unleveled source 1, out 1".  I've finally gotten around to "clearing" the error, using the helpful info on this forum.  I found these two to be quite useful:

  I tried changing my power levels, my frequency ranges, pushing the "Preset" button, then finally running the operators check.  The operators check reported several errors.  I'm a software guy, not expert with Network Analyzers.  Just wanted to ask you guys how likely it is that I'll need to send the unit in for repairs.  Is it possible that I've configured the PNA somehow to cause it to fail these tests?  Is there anything else I should try?  Attached is the configuration of my unit, and the results of the operators check.  Thanks.