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Agilent835x.dll not performing correct command to PNA-X

Question asked by JimmyTE on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by johanericsson



I have recently upgraded our PC to Windows 7 and have found that a previous COM programming is not performing the correct function as it did in the past. I ma experiencing this on 5242B,5242A PNA-Xs with Windows XP / Windows 7 OSes.


Using the Agilent835x library, the following code


"fixture.set_PortMatchingCktModel(1, AgilentPNA835x.NAFixturingPortMatchCkt.naFixPMC_USER)"


Does not set port 1 (or 2 if I change that to a 2) to use a user defined S2P file. It actually sets it to use circuit model.


Has anyone else ran into this?