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Impedance measurements from S11 with 8753ES

Question asked by Tom68 on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Tom68

I would like to use a 8753ES VNA to measure the module of the impedance Z of a LISN or in general of a DUT port.
With the VNA I can measure both S11mag and S11phase of the port. Then I can apply Z = 50 * (1+S11) / (1-S11), where S11 is complex.
From that formula I can get the module of the impedance Z but how can I get the uncertainty of the module of Z?
In a similar, the 8753ES (using the conversion menu) can provide directly the value of the module of Z but how can estimate its uncertainty?
The Agilent uncertainty calculator can provide the uncertainty of the two parameters S11mag and S11phase.