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9030A locks up while waiting for a trigger (not due to failure to have a trigger)

Question asked by Penguin99 on Feb 4, 2019

Randomly (1 out of about 50 runs), the analyzer will lock up with a message "waiting for trigger".  By lock up, I mean the analyzer will not respond to any further remote commands.  The trigger event has been proven to be there.  Manually cycling the external trigger event several extra times does not cause the "waiting for trigger" message to go away. When the lockup occurs, *RST will not have any effect.  No other scpi commands have any effect while the instrument is in this state.  Interestingly, if we deliberately do not send a trigger, when the analyzer has not gotten into this locked up mode, *RST will reset the instrument allowing further remote communication to work.

Thanks for any insights.


My basic setup is as follows.  When the lock up occurs, we get VISA errors in LabVIEW.

:disp:wind:trac:y:rlev 30;
:init:cont off;
wait 50ms;
:freq:span 0;
:freq:center my_freq;
:sweep:time my_sweeptime;
:trig:sour EXT1;
:trig:ext1:lev 0.5;
:trig:ext1:slope NEG;
:syst:err? ;
(visa read response. no errors)
(Turn on external supply which is the external trigger event)
(Wait 1.5 times sweep time) (we have tried increasing this to very large numbers)
(set visa timeout to 10 seconds)
(visa read 100000 bytes(may be overkill, but shouldn't affect analyzer triggering))
(process trace)



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external trigger

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