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0V & 0A DC/AC Negative Tolerance (34410A / 34401A)

Question asked by ForeShadow20 on Feb 8, 2019

What are the negative fluctuations that we expect with preferably the 34410A (or the 34401A) when we are in an open circuit or when a device is turned off for DC&AC Voltage&Current measurements?


I want to avoid the -0 issues with automated measurements, however I need to have a valid reason to put a negative value as a low limit.


DC Voltage100mV0.0050+0.00350.000035*0.1mV3.5 uV

AC Voltage

100mVrms0.5+0.030.0003*0.1mV30 uVrms
DC Current100uA0.05+0.0250.00025*100uA0.025 uA??
AC Current100uArms0.1+0.040.04*100uA0.04 uA??


If I consider full range for reading:

DC Voltage100mV0.0050+0.00350.000085*0.1mV8.5 uV

AC Voltage

100mVrms0.5+0.030.0053*0.1mV0.530 mVrms
DC Current100uA0.05+0.0250.00075*100uA0.075 uA
AC Current100uArms0.1+0.040.14*100uA0.14 uA


Can anyone confirm or correct? Especially for AC since the specs are for at least 0.3% of range and a frequency over 3Hz.