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How to match momentum simulation with schematic simulation result?

Question asked by Riju on Jan 31, 2019
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I am designing a simple open stub filter which suppresses 2nd and 3rd harmonic frequency and gives a required value of Zin at the operating frequency (or first harmonic) using two quarter wave open stubs designed at 2nd and 3rd harmonic frequency respectively. The schematic has 8 parameters, which I can TUNE to get the desired response.

The problem arises after doing moemtum simulation, the result is almost matching at the lower frequency band but not at the higher frequencies.....dips are shifted and Zin at fundamental freq also slightly detuned. 


 I have tried to match the momentum result with the schematic response using OPTIMIZATION, but it can't achieve what I want and importantly, it takes huge time.

What is the process to match the momentum simulation results with the schematic exactly  in less number of steps?