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How to write Universal DCOM Application for Different PNAs?

Question asked by Abraham_c_k on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2008 by Abraham_c_k
I m working with 2 PNAs ... which are being used for similar kind of application!

1. PNA-L 5230
2. PNA 8362B

I Have written a User Control in VB.NET 2005 which provides all basic controls for the required custom application, which run on REMOTE PC.

I am using this User Control in Various VB.NET 2005 applications.

I m using DCOM over LAN

NOW for the Problem:
1. The Application written for one PNA doesn't work with the other one straight away. 
To make the application run with the other PNA.... I have to Run the pnaproxy.exe again and register the TYPE Libraries, include the TLB file into project reference and recompile the application.... this although a poor solution , but used to work for me!

2. Lately even even this is not working, the application which is working file for  PNA-L 5230 is not working for PNA 8362B... even after following all the above...  I performed operator's check on 8362B and it failed ... I m attaching the Error Log.

What I Want....

IS there a specific way of writing universal application that will work of all PNA... if yes how to go about it?