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M3201A PXI marker generation

Question asked by hardidi on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by jonathan.falco



I have an M3201A AWG in a PXIe chassis (NI PXIe-1082) and I would like to send a marker on the PXI trigger line 0 when my waveform starts. I can't seem to be able to get the AWGqueueMarkerConfig right.


First, can anyone confirm that "marker" for Keysight means the same as what is means for National Instruments, i.e. sending a marker = sending a trigger signal for another equipment? I don't see any definition in the user guide.


I'm using Python to code, and my steps are the following:

1) Open a module

2) Open the AWG (openWithSlot) and waveformFlush

3) Generate a waveform, load it into memory (waveformLoad)

4) Open a channel (waveShapeConfig)
5) Queue the waveform (AWGqueueWaveform), followed by AWGqueueMarkerConfig. This is where it crashes. AWGqueueMarkerConfig returns -8025 which means invalid parameters.


If I use the simpler AWGqueueConfig, my waveform is properly generated, so I'm sure the error comes from AWGqueueMarkerConfig.

I run AWGqueueMarkerConfig in the following way:

AWGqueueMarkerConfig(chan=4, markerMode=1, trgPXImask=0, trgIOmask=0, value=0, syncMode=1, length=1, delay=0)


Does writing trgPXImask=0 actually mean that I want to export my marker to the PXI trigger line 0? Also, I obviously would like to not send any marker through the trigger IO on the front panel, but I'm not sure what to write, since I can't leave a blank.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.