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What is Digital Insulation Testers?

Question asked by mecoinst on Jan 24, 2019

**** Brand digital 31/2 digits Insulation Tester model 954, 5kv multi-range (1kv-2.5kv-5kv) and Insulation up to 200 G???, having a lot of features like Ac Voltage measurement up to 600V, Phase sequence test up to 100V to 450V at 40-60Hz, Backlight display, all function Icons on display, LED indicator for HV, Data Hold function, Instrument can be used thru batteries as well as AC adaptor and supplied with Insulation test leads for High Voltage, Phase wire 1 set, Ac adaptor, heavy duty carry case, Instruction manual and installed batteries.****-product-details/Digital-Insulation-Tester.aspx