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2-path, forward only, calibration

Question asked by antennas4space on Nov 12, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2007 by antennas4space
I am using an E8363B PNA with OPT 014 connectors. My application uses the technique of uploading calibration coefficients with CSET to create a calibration for A/R1 and B/R1, which I treat as two transmission measurements with the same phase reference. I use the Port 1 Source Out break-out location as the source of the measurement, and RCVR A IN and RCVR B IN for the respective receive locations.

This works well enough, but the PNA believes that it has a 12-term calibration, and thus is switching between forward & reverse for every sweep. I would like it to stay in forward mode, and seeing the new Enhanced Response mode, I wanted some guidance to see if this can be taken advantage of programmatically to force a forward only sweep after calibration. (From default preset, it stays forward only until I apply the calibration, since it thinks it is a traditional two-port calibration.)

For reference, I only require modification of the following 4 coefficients:

However, I was initially sending 0s to all 12 first (perhaps what forces the 2-port?).