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How can I programmaticaly enforce PNA to use latest CALKit s

Question asked by AndrewIsaverdian on Nov 12, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by AndrewIsaverdian
My setup:

PNA N5230A(20 GHz, 4 ports)
Application Version: A.07.11.03
Hardware Version: S 07.15

Lets say I do a guided CALKit and save it with the name CalSet_1. Then I save the current csa file to the hard drive.

Next time when I delete previous CalSet_1 from the "Cal Set"  table and run new CALKit that is saved with the same name (CalSet_1), PNA will always pulls older version of the CalSet_1 measurement parameters, even  in case where the csa file is overwritten with the new CALKit data.

SelectCalSet CalSet_1, False (True) (I have tried both options)

I understand that the entire set of older CalSet_1 parameters resides in the csa file. Looks like it can not be overwritten unless one deletes the csa file itself.

Question: if that is supposed to be normal, or I do something wrong?