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Calibration with Ecal and CalKit Giving -200 for 3565MHz++ on 9kHz - 8.5GHz E5071C

Question asked by ozymandius on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by ozymandius

I normally test <3GHz on these E5071C's, but now I need to go up to 6GHz. I tried calibrating with the following settings:

IF = 10kHz

POWER = 10 dBm

RANGE = 3550 to 3700

and 5000 to 6000

This gives me the "Power Unstable" message, sometimes, during calibration. After this I tried power of 7 dBm, 5 dBm, and 0dBm. I have calibrated an E5071C multiple times now with an ECAL unit and with a manual CalKit and no matter what I do I get these weird intermittent blips in my measurements that are stuck on -200. I can't find any mention in the documentation or anywhere else online about this.


Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?


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