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IBIS_I component isn't appeared in schematic after importing the netlist

Question asked by Dmitry31 on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by bafisher



1 I set IBIS_I component on schematic, connected to IBIS_I component IBIS file of the DDR3L, set pin name and model and there was result in file 1.png

2 then I edited component definition: tools-netlist export_edit.... Result is in file 2.png

3 I created netlist: tools-netlist export-create.... Result is



.subckt mylibrary1_lib:cell_1:schematic
xibis1 n$8 n$3 n$2 n$9 ibis_i IbisFile="D:\Project\Myfpga\r1.0\doc\ibis 6gb ddr3l 1.35v\v91a_1p35_it.ibs" ComponentName="MT41K512M16HA" PinName="L7" SelectedPin=L7 ModelSelector=INPUT_1066 ModelName="INPUT_1066"
.ends mylibrary1_lib:cell_1:schematic



4 I imported this netlist to ADS, but IBIS_I component WASN'T APPEARED!!!! The log is in file 3.png


What is wrong?


thank you