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8752C learn string handling with Agilent VEE

Question asked by jne on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2007 by jne
Can someone advise me how to send the learn string from the PC to an 8752C using Agilent VEE Release 8.  I can successfully capture it in the form of a 2760 element array from the analyser using the I/O transactions WRITE/TEXT/"LRN?" or "OUTPLEAS"/DEFAULT FORMAT and then READ/BINLOCK/LearnString/BYTE/ARRAY 1D (*) but I have not yet hit on the correct I/O transactions for sending it back into the analyser. 

As an alternative procedure I have tried configuring the State (Learn String) option in Advanced Instrument Properties with "INPULEAS" and "OUTPLEAS" as download and upload strings respectively, on the assumption I can then go on to use the  transaction WRITE/STATE (LEARN STRING).  However, I've had no luck with that method either.

Please help.