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U1282A - How to reduce the VSense sensitivity?

Question asked by Barny on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Tardz



I had to drill a hole in the wall in potential line of the power line.
So I thought of the VSense function of my Keysight - U1282A to check if there are wires hidden in the wall where I want to drill.


But the V-Sense function is that sensible that its beeping when I move the meter near the wall.
And I think its not that likely that the complete wall consists of conducting material (the wall is a dry brick wall)


Even in low sensity VSense mode the DMM is freaking out when I move it near to the wall or a wooden door.
If I move the DMM fast through the air, my U1282A is starting to beep too.


Is there the possibility to reduce the sensivity of VSense to an useable range?
I couldn't find more details in the manual except high / low sensitivity mode.
And I couldn't make out much difference between these two modes.


Or is VSense only a gimmick which is designed for 110V-US Systems and  isn't useable in areas with 230V / 240V AC and W-Lan networks?