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PNA-X RX leveling bug

Question asked by mirek on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by Dr_joel
It looks like there is as bug in PNA-X RX leveling when you assign B receiver to be your leveling receiver.
Recently I did some power handling measurement with monolithic amp where the measurement condition was to set fix output power to 20dBm. The amp has gain around 15dB with P1dB around 18dBm. The problem show when the power went above 18dBm. The system show RX noise message and then another message something about Source 1 unleveled. I repeat that few times always with the same message. I add the R1 trace to see what the input power is. What I saw is that the input power jump to 17-18dBm when the RX message pop up.
Fortunately that amp can withstand such power and went to deep saturation.
If that was some high power amp probably I will damage the DUT and the B receiver on the Network Analyzer.

What the leveling algorithm should do is to stop at last power level in case it can’t find the goal power. If it find that the power drop below goal power with increase input power (do to compression) stop at that point, even if the goal power was not achieve.

I did the same power leveling to get fix power output with that amp using B receiver but I used the Power Leveling Mod where I assign instead of Power Meter a calibrated B receiver. It has no problem to do this job. The only problem it is very impractical when you dealing with large number of component to be measure.

Can somebody look in the RX leveling using assign receiver?

I did the measurement with FW A.9.22.12  (I can’t use latest FW A.9.31.02 do to other RX issues).