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how to save data from VNA continuously

Question asked by rspathania0003 on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by daras


I am using M9005A pxi vector network analyser (VNA). i have a software named Network Analyser installed in pc where I can see the data obtained through VNA . I want to save data (s21 vs time) continuously in excel files after every fixed interval of time (say 5 seconds). After Every 5 sec, i want this whole set of data saved in a different excel file.



As a sidenote, I can save data at one instant using network analyser software but i need continuous real time data. I can not do that much manually.So in short, Is there any way to get continuous data from VNA and get it saved directly in the excel files.


I need this data for further image processing in matlab.

Kindly help... its very urgent and i am new to Keysight instruments.