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PNA-X IMD power sweep measurement question

Question asked by rok on Nov 21, 2018
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I have a question regarding the IMD measurement class for testing an amplifier. If  I was testing it for a power sweep range of let say -20 to 0 dBm for a particular CW frequency, can I assume that that means that the x-axis represents power values for each of the 2 tones (and not aggregate total of the 2 input tones) , assuming we are apply the same amplitude 2 input tones with a particular delta separation?  So if I was looking at the PwrMain trace and I put a marker at -20dBm x axis value, then the PwrMain marker value would be what the average output tone power for an input individual tone power value of -20dBm? Also, is it possible to have a power swept IMD measurement with unequal input tones?