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sending data using form1 and Visual Basic (to HP8753C)

Question asked by PAB on Sep 15, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2006 by RayH

I'm quite new to programming visual basic and GPIB so I hope my question is not too trivial, but I am stuck since days now..

My problem: I want to read out calibration data from the (very old, but good) Network Analyzer HP8753C to a computer and play it back on. I am using the form1 format to have a fast transfer.

I save the data to a string, when reading it from the VNA. Before playing it back on the VNA I convert the string to the ASCII-numbers and then to hex, adding leading zeros to each byte. Still I always get a "Syntax Error" from the VNA.
So my question is, how exactly do I have to format the form1 data to put it back on the VNA. I already know, that there is a 4byte header and then each frequency point has six bytes. Do I need to separate the header from the points and the points from each other with line feed or a semicolon or can I send the hex-bytes directly one after the other?

Another possibility might be reading the data from the gpib card unformated into a byte array and not into a string, but I have no idea how I could to that. Perhaps anyone has experience with this, using Visual Basic..??

Many thanks for the help!