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Save traces on 89601A VSA

Question asked by luisvc91 on Nov 13, 2018
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I have N9020A MXA which has 89601A VSA application. I work on demodulation some signal... and I get the constellation, i.e., QPSK. I would like to save this trace, that is, the constellation. VSA offers me save as MatLab file (.mat), csv file and other formats not well-known for me. However, when I plot it on MatLab, the constellation is collpase..., I mean, there are lots of points which do not allow see the constellation properly (of course, the constellation is correct). I attach a picture which I plot on MatLab... You can see the ideal constellation, but the received constellation is spread (and the MXA shows that is not spread). VSA application also allows me print it, but I do not want to print because I want to paste on my report....

Does anyone know how save the trace and plot on MatLab properly?


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