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How do I download ALL the waveform samples of my MSOX-3000?

Question asked by jason:s on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by algoss

I have an MSOX 3034A. For some reason I am getting only 64516 points saved to a USB drive in .h5 format, and 64516 points when I use VISA commands and request :WAV:POIN?


But I am looking at channel 1 connected to the probe compensation waveform (1kHz 2.5V) in Stop mode, 2ms per division, 20ms total, at a normal acquisition of 100MSa/s, so the scope has 20e-3 / 1e-8 = 2000000 samples in memory.


How do I get all 2000000 samples from the oscilloscope to a PC?




Ugh, I have a sinking feeling about this... the MSOX-3000 oscilloscope user's guide has a note on p. 273 that says


Length Control The Length control is available when saving data to CSV, ASCII XY, or BIN format files. It sets the number of data points that will be output to the file. Only displayed data points are saved.

This "Only displayed data points are saved" business is a really really poor engineering decision.




Oh wait! I found it, it's :WAV:POIN:MODE (see programmer's guide) which has to be set to RAW or MAX.