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Could external trigger be actived during remote mode

Question asked by uffspace on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Tardz

My question is: can the tester be triggered by the [external trigger] while linked to a computer via GPIB?


While build a software and push data to SQL server, i would connect a normally closed switch button to the external trigger connector (BNC connector) on the rear panel of the tester, attach the switch on the tweezer which used to hold and test a capacitor, so that the operator could push the button then trigger the tester while hold the product. Then link the tester via GPIB, set the tester trigger source as "external", set a loop in computer software, monitor the "status byte", while receive "192", read the test result.


but under this case, while computer linking to the tester, the tester was set as "REMOTE" mode, the external trigger is disabled (short circuit the external cable to ground cable does not work). i reviewed the documentation (500+ pages PDF) but could not find answer. would you please help to provide a solution?