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Transmit some constellation from PSG to MXA

Question asked by luisvc91 on Oct 31, 2018
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I have a E8267C PSG and N9020A MXA.

I want to generate some modulate signal from PSG and receive at MXA (89601A Vector Signal Analyzer), that is, electric BTB (only RF cable). I want to use QPSK, 16QAM or 32QAM constellation with different Msps. I want to use AWG because it is simplier than real time. I use EVM as my quality factor and the PSG dataheet says that EVM is below 10% from 1 Msps till 50 Msps. I start with 1 Msps with QPSK constellation and I can recover it with 0,7% EVM. However, if I choose 25 Msps (or higher rate), the EVM will be 20%... And it is not like the datasheet predicts... I chose other constellation and I get the same result. The EVM limit is around 15 Msps...

Can anyone help me?


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