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Layout EM co-simulation

Question asked by Sravan1541 on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Sravan1541

Hello, I am a newbie to ADS and I hope someone could help me with this. For a part of a project, I have to design a layout for LNA on PCB. I have the recommended layout of the component and an S parameter file, but before fabricating it I would like to co-simulate it. I have looked at few examples of cosimulation, but I couldn't get the hold of the solution I need. 
I have attached the datasheet and the layout of the components. I initially thought to design the layout and use the s2p model for cicuit EM cosimulation, but if you can please look into that, you can see that the layout obviously contains a V supply line, and I have included that in layout. However I do not know how to mention that in simulation.Since it has a fixed supply voltage, do I need to describe that as a port ? I am confused at that part. Hope some one can guide me through this.

Thanks in advance.