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PNA Hardware Trigger and Test Time

Question asked by ecrean on Mar 30, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2007 by loren.betts
We are using a Pulsed PNA to measure TR Modules.  We have been directed by our customer to reduce test time and improve module thru-put.

The PNA is used to test the T/R module attanuator and phase shifter at each setting.  The test time bottlenecj is the hundreds of sweeps required to fully exercise and multi-channel module.


Can the following be implemented, and would it improve test time?

1.) Harware Trigger to a frequency.

2.) Exercise the module at each attenuator/phase shifter setting, and storing the results in the PNA (using channels for each measurement?)

3.) Trigger to the next frequency and repeat 2.)

4.) Once all the frequencies in the list have been measured, transfer the
Data to the PNA using LAN

Somehow I think there must be a way to take advantage of the PNAs
Microseconds/data point capability.

I am open to suggestions if there is another way.

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