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Is there any B1500 GPIB command to record the voltage applied by a SMU at its Force terminal?

Question asked by pablosc on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by juan_brito

Hello everyone,


I am working with a B1500 semiconductor parameter analyzer. I interact with it via GPIB command lines. The SMUs of B1500 are provided with both Force and Sense, which allows to precisely apply a given tension by overcoming the possible voltage drops that may be present in the setup. However, I am only able to extract from my experiment the tension that is measured by the sense, that is, the tension that I want to apply. For our purposes, it would be interesting to simultaneously record the voltage at the sense (let's say 1V) and the one that is actually applied by the Force so that the sense "feels" 1V after the voltage drop, let's say around 1.1V.


Is there any command (or even any manual way) of achieving this with the B1500 unit?


Thank you for the help,