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FieldFox N9918A Data Polling

Question asked by RandallReynolds on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by am95405

I am trying to pull trace data from a FieldFox N9918A using SCPI commands with Python. Specifically, I am using the query command CALC:DATA:FDATa? to retrieve data from a Polar plot, but I am unable to get both the real and imaginary components of the trace data. Nor can I get the frequency data. However, when I write a csv file to the FieldFox, I am able to get frequency, real and imaginary data in that order. Unfortunately, space constrictions require that I save the data to another device such as a laptop pulling the data over ethernet with Python.


Is there a SCPI command that will give me all the trace data of the polar plot so I can reproduce the csv files exported by the FieldFox?


Thank you.