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Unknown thru calibration using waveguides

Question asked by nsm on Oct 24, 2018
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Unknown Thru calibration using waveguides


I have to characterize sections of waveguide cascaded together as a part of the characterization procedure for use in my set up. All the measurements that I am doing are in the E band(76 to 81GHz). I am using the VDI calibration kit for my calibration procedures. I am using the  E8361A with N5260-60003 extenders. I have a few basic questions on the unknown through calibration.

1. Do I have to modify the calibration kit to do the unknown thru calibration or is it sufficient to modify the calibration method that comes up as a part of the smart guided calibration and then choose the unknown through calibration?

2. Once the calibration is done and the cal coefficients computed, if I leave the thru(the unknown thru that I have used as a part of the calibration routine) will the S21 indicate the loss of the unknown thru?

3. Since I am using waveguide structures sometimes it becomes difficult to connect any other structure as a through to verify the calibration. 


One of the pics of unknown thru section is attached.


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