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EMPro's python script to transfer PNA measured S parameter file back to computer 使用EMPro python脚本读回PNA网络分析仪测试的S参数

Question asked by xindong Employee on Oct 16, 2018

There is embedded python software (Python 2.7 in EMPro 2017 update 0.4) in EMPro. We could write python script inside EMPro for automatic 3D structure modeling, control simulation and display result.  In this example, we write python script to transfer Keysight PNA network analyzer’s measured S parameter file back to EMPro’s local computer. 

Please install required software and run python script after S parameter measurement setting is done.


EMPro软件中已经内嵌了Python软件(EMPro 2017 中的版本是Python 2.7).  在EMPro中编写Python脚本,可以实现自动三维结构建模,仿真控制和结果显示等功能。本例中,使用EMPro Python脚本实现了将是德科技PNA网络分析仪测试的S参数文件传回到本机。