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How to increase number of point in Math channel?

Question asked by Ivanas on Oct 4, 2018
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I've written following code to grab FFT signal from DSO2024A scope.

The problem I have is that it is returning only 206 points, however, if I'm saving it via USB it gives me 1000 points. 

How can I increase the number of points?

s.write(":WAVeform:SOURce FUNC");
s.write(":FUNC:DISPlay ON")
s.write(":FUNC:POINts:MODE MAXimum")
Pre = s.query(":WAVeform:PREamble?").split(',')
X_INCrement = float(Pre[4]);X_ORIGin = float(Pre[5]);X_REFerence = float(Pre[6]);
YINCREMENT = float(Pre[7]);YORIGIN = float(Pre[8]);YREFERENCE = float(Pre[9]);del Pre

FFT_Data = np.array(s.query_binary_values(':WAVeform:SOURce FUNC;DATA?', "h", False))
DataFreq =1e-6*(((np.linspace(0,len(FFT_Data)-1,len(FFT_Data))-X_REFerence)*X_INCrement)+X_ORIGin)