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Oscilloscope not connected in Connection Expert

Question asked by sumesh.1988 on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by KSuiker

I have MSO7034B oscilloscope and I'm trying to connect it to my laptop running Windows 7 SP1.

  1. I installed IO Library Suites 2018 Update 1.0 (IOLibSuite_18_1_23218.exe)

  2. Installed IVI driver for MSO7034B Version

  3. I set the I/O option in Utility menu in the oscilloscope to USB option.

When I open the Keysight Connection Expert, an instrument is detected but there is the red cross mark on it. It is not connected. I'm not sure what is the problem.

I'm attaching the screenshot of my Keysight Connection Expert. Kindly help me in solving the error.


Thank You in advance.