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Calibration and characterization

Question asked by C.Po on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by daras

Hi everyone,


I'm using a PNA n5221a to measure reflection coefficient (one port). My setup is the following: PNA - coaxial cable - microstrip line (with 50 ohm resistor shunt) - DUT. I've performed a calibration with an ECal module so my reference plane is at the end of the coaxial cable. The next step would be applying de-embedding to eliminate microstrip effect, but I don't have any model to create a S2P file. I would like to konw if it is possible to characterize the microstrip line doing only one 1-port cal with the Characterize Adaptor application (instead of two).


In relation with that, I wonder if I'd have to perfom the one-port calibration of the microstrip with the coaxial cable or without it.


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!