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Saving Data with True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA)

Question asked by TedAyres Employee on Jul 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2007 by Dr_joel
We have a customer with the dual-source N5230A PNA (OPT 246) and he is learning to use the new TMSA application by taking measurements on a simple coupled line section.

He set up a Balanced:Balanced configuration (ports 1 and 3 form the differential input and ports 2 and 4 form the output), successfully completed an SOLT calibration and wishes to compare the single-ended derived mixed-mode [S] with those directly measured using TM stimulus.

When he saves the 4-port scattering parameters using the .S4p format what he gets appears to be the single-ended standard 4-port scattering parameters, not mixed-mode [S] regardless of measurement using the SE stimulus or TM stimulus.

Please help me answer the following questions:

(1) Is he correct to interpret the files as standard SE 4-port [S]?

(2) If so, in TMSA does the VNA use a mathematical conversion to take the directly-measured mixed-mode [S] and convert them to SE [S]? 

(3) Is there a means to directly export mixed-mode [S] from the VNA?

Thanks for any light that you can shed on this topic.