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Please help me create a custom AEL functions using HPVAR in loops

Question asked by KevinK on Sep 25, 2018



I am creating custom AEL functions and I am running into an issue where I am generating multi-dimensional s-parameters data that is being passed through as an HPVAR. I need to iterate through these simulations in a for loop, but I am seemingly unable to access the data. I also can't see how to determine the length of the array. I see there is a function named dstoarray() but I do not seem to be able to use it. 


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


My application is saving multiple s-parameters files from sweeping over a variable (or multiple variables) in a circuit schematic. I see that there is a function named write_snp(), however this only works for 1-D data. My plan was to create a loop with that function inside so I can iterate over the entire array.