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High power receiver leveling

Question asked by stefek on Sep 24, 2018
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I am preparing a high power pulsed measurement setup with the N5242A PNA-X. Since the power levels at the input of my DUTs will be about +45 dBm. I would like to measure output power at fundamental and harmonics. I have to have calibrated source in order to calibrate receiver. I am using external couplers, attenuators and booster amplifiers. First stage is broadband one with P1dB about 27 dBm, the second is high power pulsed narrowband driver.

I would like to perform calibration with CW, while the measurements will be under under pulsed conditions.


Is it possible to perform Guided Enhanced Response calibration using only one pre-amplifier with power level about +20 dBm (not to damage the SOLT calibration kit) and measurements with both booster amplifiers?


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