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MSOX-4034A Boot Up Fail

Question asked by glowitz on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by glowitz

I own an MSOX-4034A that has been in a lab but unplugged for over a year. Upon plugging it in, the boot-up fails to complete, stalling during the front-panel light test, with the REF light stuck "ON" and that's where it ends. The front panel light test doesn't complete and the LCD screen never shows any bootup (I believe the screen doesn't turn on until after the front panel test completes). Any ideas what might cause this symptom to stop booting? Power supply? Internal battery (if that exists, such as for the clock)? Front panel board? Loose cable? Bad capacitor somewhere that dried up? This unit is in like "new" condition, used only periodically, and was working fine prior to unplugging it and storing it (in a temperature-controlled lab). The unit went out of warranty last year and the repair/cal cost is nearly $4,000 (Keysight quote). I welcome any suggestions on possible things to check. Has anyone experienced this symptom? Attached is a short video showing the symptom. Thanks in advance.


Since first posting this, I have found some other references to what sounds like an identical situation with various versions of the scope failing to boot after being unplugged. I will try to consolidate links here as I find them.


Links to similar scope boot-up symptoms, some related to being unplugged for a while:


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I have the Agilent DSO-X 2002A scope and when turning it on seems that the scope freezes after starting a boot up routine.   The following all happens within a few seconds after pressing the power switch.   Light up yellow Ref soft key arrow Light up yell 


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Update firmware on your Keysight/Agilent InifiniiVision Oscilloscope! - Page 1  (EEVBlog discussion of boot issue and firmware fix with "stability enhancements" / recommended update. Of course, if you can't boot it, the end-user cannot update the firmware. Sounds like a return-to-depot update required.)


Agilent MSO-X 3034A powerup - YouTube  (User shows the problem of bootup stopping after a few seconds - says it was fixed with a firmware update - posted December 2016). Interesting he states he had to try for an hour to get it to bootup so the firmware could be updated -- and eventually it worked.)