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List all equations in ADS data display window and locate the selected one    在ADS数据显示窗口列出所有公式,并定位选中的公式位置

Question asked by xindong Employee on Sep 24, 2018

List All Equations in ADS data display window and Locate the selected one


在ADS数据显示窗口中,列出所有的Equation, 并定位选中的Equation








Please install this tool according attached pdf file.



Updated:  2018, 09, 26


limitation:   blank page is not supported

                            Please leave only one data display window opened

限制:  在数据显示窗口中,请勿包含空白的页面




Update: 2018, 09, 27

In this 1.08 version, fixed the bug which introduced in 09/26 version,  "Locate it!" button doesn't work.

在这个更新的版本中(V1.08),解决了9. 26日版本引入的Locate it! 按键失效问题。