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[DSOX1102G][BUG] Waveform zooming yields wrong measurments

Question asked by alinp on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Fungible

On a DSOX1102G set the following:
- CH1 AC BW 10:1
- Aquire mode - High Res

1. Capture a wave form with the time frame set to <1ms (500us for example). 
2. Stop data capture and measure pk-pk voltage value
3. Zoom in on the wave form (by rotating the Horizontal time frame knob) and notice the new pk-pk value of the zoomed section.

Doing above steps in my case results in a pk-pk value greater on the zoomed in section, then the entire wave form. How's that possible? 
What the scope is practically doing is instead of scaling the signal on the time axis, it also scales it on the voltage axis (OY), without adjusting the time division. This results in flawed data measurement. Take a look on the print-screens bellow.

How is it possible for a ~71mVpp wave to be part of a ~22mVpp wave?